Replacement Officials
Time to End This

After two weeks of football there's only one thing you need to know; these replacement refs gotta go. Missed calls, ghost calls and a ton of embarrassing officiating is more of a turn off than I thought. When you take a step back and look at the NFL, you'll see it's a 9 billion dollar industry. Commissioner Roger Goodell would be better off swallowing his pride and bringing back the only people that can keep the integrity of the game at a high level. The regular officials aren't even demanding that much; just some long term security. I don't get it.

20 out of the 32 NFL teams are already averaging more penalties called per game than last year. 

Who's been penalized the most?
1. Washington Redskins 23
2. Philadelphia 19
3. Pittsburgh 18
4. Seattle 18
5. Dallas 18

8 more teams with at least 14 penalties.

15 teams have over 100 penalty yards.
Of those 15 teams, 6 of them have at least 140 penalty yards. That's at least 70 yards per game.
Last year only one team averaged over 70 penalty yards per game; the Raiders (84.9 penalty yards/game).

I'm not saying all of these calls were wrong, but did you watch any of these teams play? And Monday night's game between the Falcons and Broncos took almost four hours to play. Even the Yankees and the Red Sox would say that's too long. Maybe it's an issue of keeping his pride by not giving into the Zebras after getting called out by Jonathan Vilma for Bounty Gate. Maybe it's the fact that the NFL season opener (with replacement officials) had over 20 million viewers. Maybe Goodell just likes to hear his name talked about as often as possible. Whatever it is, it's driving us football fans crazy.

September 18th, 2012


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